MoCCA 2004:

The Evidence of Greatness


The table all set up and ready to rock. What a colorful bonanza of goodness!


Close-up of the racks


The crew. From left to right: Gus Fink, "Stephanie Freese", Kevin Dixon, Paul Friedrich


Eric contemplates a chess piece which is shaped like a gorilla. What can he be thinking? I'll bet he's thinking about pie! Note Kevin's hilarity.


Gus concentrates on sales while Kevin hides behind his forelock. Note the bags Kevin is fondling. Those bags turned out to be a major sales tool, no lie. We offered them free to people with armloads of goodies, and as often as not, that turned into a sale. We also drew on them and offered them as "custom art bags". We have no shame.


The irrepressible "Stephanie Freese", who is in reality Nicole, Gus Fink's girlfriend, and the champion sales person of MoCCA 2004.


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